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Myjnia obecnie jest nieczynna, z powodu modernizacji obiektu.
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Polerowanie samochodu
Black Modern Car



    Varnish polishing price  depends on several factors, such as the degree of scratching of the paintwork, the size of the car, and the effect we would like  obtain.


    To pre-evaluate the condition of your car's paintwork, it is enough  watch the car looking at the reflection  intense source  lights on the paintwork.


The cost of polishing the paint for a medium-sized car is:

1. One stage - refreshing (enhancing the gloss and depth of color, removing approx.  70% scratches) - Cost PLN 400 - PLN 600

2. Two stages - correction of the varnish (bringing out the gloss and depth of color and  removal of about 85% of scratches) Cost PLN 800 - PLN 1100

3. Three stages - full correction (bringing out the gloss and depth of color and  removal of about 95-99% of scratches)

Preparation of varnish for the application of e.g. ceramics.

Expense  PLN 1200 - PLN 1700

The works include:

  • Detailing vehicle washing with full cleaning

  • Varnish decontamination - claying

  • Paint deironization

  • Degreasing the IPA varnish

  • Paint inspection with a meter and lamps

  • 1-3 gradual varnish correction

The service is performed by a certified detailer.

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