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1. These regulations define the rights and obligations of people using the services of our plant, hereinafter referred to as customers.

2. Service  automotive, called  hereinafter SERWIS77, provides services as part of its activities.

3. Seat of the company: 80-180 Gdańsk ul. Wielkopolska 5A

4. SERVICE 77  serves  for three types of vehicles: passenger cars, vans and buses.

5. The full range of services and the applicable prices of these services are specified in the PRICE LIST. The prices given are gross prices, unless they are given both net and gross.

6. The service is performed after it is commissioned by an employee  SERVICE 77.

7. Payment for the service  takes place after its execution, with an employee of the SERVICE77, in cash or with a payment card. The proof of payment for the service is a fiscal receipt or an invoice.

8. Car washing and repairing complies with the standards adopted in  Polish car washes and workshops  automotive.

9. SERVICE employee 77  may refuse to provide the service without giving any reason.

10. The customer is obliged to inform the SERVICE employee77  about unusual equipment of the vehicle, attached to the body, and about damage that may increase during washing or affect the condition of the vehicle in any way.

11. SERVICE 77  is not responsible for the damage or breakdown of the car caused by the car wash, unless it is the result of improper performance of the service or gross negligence on the part of the car wash employees.

12. SERVICE77 is not responsible for valuables left in the car, e.g. money, laptops, telephones, cameras, jewelry, etc.

13. Handover by the customer to an employee of the SERVICE77  vehicle for execution  services in the scope of services provided by SERWIS77,   is tantamount to accepting the price of this service (in accordance with the applicable price list) and acceptance of all provisions of these regulations.

14. These regulations are valid from October 28, 2013.

RULES of additional WASH.

1. If the customer drives into the car wash by himself,  after the car enters the car wash, before starting the washing service, it is obliged to turn off the engine, engage the gear or apply the handbrake and leave the vehicle. Moreover, the client is obliged to close the windows. In the event of non-compliance with the regulations contained in the preceding sentences, the car wash is not responsible for any damages.

2. After leaving the car wash, complaints related to the performed washing service shall not be considered.


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